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Optimizing and Monetizing Relationships to Bring in New Clients

Kick-Off- Advisors will be taught a concrete, systematic, sustainable step-by-step process. This swift, deliberate and easy to implement curriculum and ongoing coaching program will help each Advisor or team exceed expectation and receive a favorable ROI.

Ongoing Coaching- We will review how they are implementing their plan; discuss issues, challenges, concerns, strategies on opportunities, pipeline management, client retention and management, practice-business model optimization, team dynamics, communications, marketing, branding, staging, framing and delivery, role play, scripting, etc. Advisors will have access to their coach 24X7 in between sessions for strategic discussions about his pursuits. Salmon Academy guarantees a 24-hour response either through e-mail or phone.

Areas covered in the curriculum and ongoing coaching will include (but not limited to):

  • Fine tune and or improve Advisor’s client acquisition skills to get a better result
  • Develop and maintain a sustainable, repeatable networking-referral client acquisition process
  • Make authentic connections and leverage those connections
  • Convert personal and professional relationships into client opportunities
  • Approach referrals through a “warm” introduction in a way that leads to tangible results
  • Review opportunities and develop strategies including positioning and wording to get better outcomes
  • Get COI’S to become better referrals sources
  • Create customized scripts for a variety of situations that feel comfortable and make it easy to get commitments
  • Prepare properly to make a favorable impression and allay anxiety in yourself and the people you are meeting
  • Develop more and better relationships and maximize opportunities
  • Converting existing assets into Advisory Relationships
  • Utilize successful Business, Marketing and Sales Plans and incorporate effective time & pipeline management strategies
  • Practice optimization analysis including analyzing staff/support structure

End Result:

  • Advisor’s will have a sustainable and repeatable client acquisition, networking-referral process
  • Improve Advisor’s client acquisition results and bring in more of the type of relationships they want
  • Instill discipline and accountability into their practice, have a more efficient advisory based investment process and will be trained on how to seamlessly “convert” existing transactional clients to a more profitable book of business

Immersion into Modern Wealth Practice Management

Phase I: Participants will go through a detailed DIAGNOSTIC analysis with Salmon Academy Coaches to determine the current baseline of performance.  Advisors will then be given specific and actionable items for immediate implementation. 

Phase II: Advisors will be given RECOMMENDATIONS-instructions to implement the following:

  • Modern Portfolio Construction Techniques
  • Core and Satellite Investment Strategies
  • Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Techniques for Reduction in Redundant Portfolios
  • Implementation of Model Portfolios Across All Account Sizes
  • Client Service Model and Implementation
  • Define True Purpose of the Client Service Experience
  • Perform Meaningful Client Segmentation
  • Create Proactive Administrative Service Model
  • Create Scalable, Repeatable and Meaningful Client Engagements
  • Create a Referable Wealth Management Brand Within a Given Community

Phase III: Is all about ACCOUNTABILITY to IMPLEMENTATION. Ongoing Coaching continues with Advisors to help them:

  • Transition to their Practice Management Model
  • Accountability to the specific action items is a vital part of this entire process
  • Examine performance against pre-set goals for both the Investment Process and Client Service excellence

End Result:

  • Advisors will create a scalable and repeatable process for conducting the work of a modern Wealth Management Practice
  • Advisors will have precise instructions for the implementation of the investment process as well as the client service experience
  • Clients will immediately notice the benefits of this new model
  • Advisors will enjoy growth both in “Same Store Sales” as well as a growth in client acquisition through referrals

Leading the Modern Wealth Management Practice

Many of America’s finest Financial Advisors struggle with the role of Wealth Management TEAM LEADER.  This program is designed for those Advisors leading teams of at least 3 FA’s.

This ongoing coaching immersion is designed for teams not meeting their desired level of growth and focuses on the following:

  • Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of each team member
  • Understanding the ‘Skill’ and ‘Will’ levels of each team member
  • Designing a Practice Management Model that Leverages the Existing Book While Striving for Exponential Growth
  • Finding the right combination of responsibilities for each team member
  • Balancing Team Leadership with the Trust and Delegation Required for Optimal Team Performance
  • Creating A Fair Compensation Model That Incents Desired Behaviors AND Outcomes
  • The RIGHT Way to Conduct Team Meetings
  • The RIGHT way to “course correct” those team members not performing to plan
  • Communications with Local and Senior Leadership
  •  The Mandatory Reading List for ALL TEAM LEADERS

End Result:

  • Team leaders will enjoy higher levels of team engagement
  • This newly created level of efficiency will then translate in more time to conduct the REAL BUSINESS of the TEAM
  • All team members will understand their precise roles and responsibilities
  • The Team will be optimally sized and trained to achieve its stated goals.
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